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It’s our last day here at the office. Well, for 2012 at least. All week long, we have been wiggling in our swivel chairs, tapping our toes, and whispering about our holiday plans with our peers. The excitement? It was simply too much to bear! So, our social media team joined forces with the very […]



Life imitates art, you know? Television is a funny thing in the way that it influences society. After first watching CSI, I had an epiphany. I was going to be a crime scene investigator, and spend my days spitting out snappy one-liners, and I’d dye my hair orange, and be just like the guy on […]

ROI, Twitter, and Me

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I’m told I was actually introduced as “The New Tweeter” when my position was announced at the office. With the digital department knees-deep in assignments, a new person would need to be brought on in order to help “The Old Tweeter” with her projects. Supply-and-demand kinda stuff, you know? In reality, my name is Dylan, […]

Romance and Infographs


Here at Pulp&Fiber, we talk a lot about infographics. What’s an infographic, you ask? Like, aside from being just a super snazzy portmanteau? (You know, a word + word = a new word?) Well, allow us to educate you you. An infographic, more or less, is a collection of images, charts, visualizations, and text that […]

Social Networking in Canada: The Infographic


Nothing like a good Infographic to start off your short work week. There’s no doubt that the social networking business has seen significant growth in recent years, and cross over from a predominantly younger generation into the Baby Boomer generation. The below inforgraphic was handcrafted by Tech Vibes, who state that “While the number of […]