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The Guinness QR-Pint


It seems that everyone is using QR Codes these days. A company in Regina has even gone as far as putting QR Codes on tombstones so that loved ones can virtually interact with the deceased. I know, right? It’s kind of morbid, but then again the 21st century relishes in techy apps. However, more appropriate […]

Intern’s Corner: Kiosha Murdock


WARNING TO INTERNS AROUND THE WORLD: This post will make you jealous. It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in the boardroom having my very first interview at P&F. I was certain that my nerves had gotten the best of me, and that I had ruined my shot at working at the coolest, trendiest […]

Best Five Print Ads… Ever


If we live and breathe, if we walk around, watch TV, or movies, listen to the radio, or read magazines, then we are consumers.  Whether we’d like to think so or not. It’s said that we are exposed to an average of 5000 ads a day. Crazy, no? This number increases almost every year. And […]