The Canadian (Logo) Conundrum


Logos can be very touchy subjects, even in non-designer circles. Last month Ottawa unveiled five (sad? stale?) logo designs to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary to “mixed reviews” by focus groups and a slew of suggestions from some in Canada’s design community.  Complaints ranged from “too Petro-Canny” to “looks like a doily.”  The backlash on the proposed designs even […]

Selfridges Goes Brandless


What’s in a name? How vital is it to sales? Would it matter in a blind taste test? Regular cola versus Pepsi or Coca Cola? No-name microwave popcorn versus Orville Redenbacher? To some, brand names and familiar logos are all just “noise” – or at least that’s what Selfridges, a British department store, seems to […]

New Olympic Logo


It’s only been three days since the new and opposite-of-improved Spice Girls closed out the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and already, attention has turned to Rio 2016. With the retirement of one controversial logo, comes the unveiling of the next, and Brazil’s Tatil Design, the marketing and design team commissioned to design the 2016 […]

Copy Cats & Big Dogs

jack daniels patrick wensink

A small time book has shot to the 48thspot on’s best-selling list. And, it’s mostly due to its cover. I know, I know. Never judge a book this way. But there is controversy around this cover, and so people are curious. Here’s why… The book is written by Patrick Wensink, a Kentucky-based author, and […]