Mentos Has Gum


You know that guy who comes in to work every morning with his breath smelling like a mix of Budeweiser and frozen lasagna from the night before? This is for that guy. As Mentos is loudly and proudly announcing in their new campaign, “they now have gum!” but the freshmaker isn’t wasting their new message […]

Know Your Customer

Screen Shot 2012-08-27 at 11.56.59 AM

The average consumer may not think about it too often, but every single industry – even ones that are generally considered to be ‘dull’ – have to market themselves in one way or another. In today’s Globe and Mail, Lauren Fairbanks, the founder of a content marketing and lead generation firm, blogged about the ever-present […]

Mountain Don’t

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 5.14.59 PM

Okay, so is – or was – a website promoted by Mountain Dew that called for fans to help in naming a soon-to-be-released green apple flavoured soda pop. Yes, they asked the internet to help in naming a product that is sold around the world. Apparently, the site no longer exists, but if it […]

The NYer’s Viral Video


Listen up, hipsters. I don’t want to gentrify your whole vibe or anything, but your favorite publication has gone digital. If you’re a fan of The New Yorker, one of the world’s most influential publications, well, let’s just say there’s now an app for that. Stick that in your corn-cob pipe and pretend to inhale […]

AD: “Sk8” Salvation


The world is going to end, and we’re all going to die. At least that’s what the Mayans tell us. This notion, fuelled by a combination of superstition and so-called eschatological belief, proclaims that 2012 will be the year civilization bites the dust for good. However, some more, ahem, flexible believers feel that the strong, […]