Advertising VS. PR


Some people think that “publicity” and “advertising” are more or less the same thing. These people would be, what I like to call, WRONG. Nike launching a successful line of golf clubs because of the swoosh on Tiger Woods’ hat is a product of advertising; Tiger becoming one of the world’s most polarizing athletes after […]

Cracked Code Goes Viral

code reddit batman viral

Has viral marketing become so complex that it could start with the delivery of one cryptic note on a subway car? The users of Reddit seem to think so, and for the most part their theories are sound. Recently, a Reddit user named Delverofsecrets posted a photo of a small piece of paper with a […]

“Skip” This Campaign

skippy robot sun valley pulp and fiber

I am going to start this blog post by talking about my good friend Shayne. (This is not a picture of him.) When it comes to ridiculous skills, skills that aren’t really skills at all, Shayne has definitely got them. Master juggler, champion, and up until today, he was the closest thing to a […]

DDB Israel Goes Viral


When advertising giant DDB launched a new PR campaign for their office in Israel, they decided their budget would be $0. Nothing. Nada. Squat. Or, ephess, as they say in the land of milk and honey. Instead of starting their own blog, putting up billboards, or running TV ads during Gaza’s Got Talent, the company […]

Spiderman: Brand Evolution

body gest 02

In May 2002, Hollywood did the unthinkable. For the very first time, in one bustling weekend, just three short days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday for those keeping score at home), one movie made over $100 million. The film industry’s revenue benchmark had been set, reached, and surpassed with one spin of Spider Man’s web. (James Cameron […]