My Last Wish: The App

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First, we have Instagram, cornering the market on the “photography” focused (and in a lot of cases, the extremely vain) smart phone user.  Since then, and previous to that, other apps have been created to help with everything from cooking, to shopping, to picking up women and gauging the intensity of a fart. So, what’s […]

When To Delete A Tweet

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You know that old saying? If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Well, ever since the dawn of Twitter, this adage has taken a bit of a beating. People tweet whatever’s on their mind, at any given time, every hour of the day. This has had both a positive and […]

SXSW: Social Media Mania


On Friday, March 9th, tens of thousands flocked to Texas to take part in South by Southwest. The nine-day festival, celebrating music, film and interactive technologies, takes place annually, and has been running for nearly twenty-five years. Although the music is often considered to be the central attraction, we at P&F are particularly interested in […]

Is Your Brand Up to Par with the Competition?

Branding your small business so consumers remember your brand and services