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If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that teddy bears can sell anything. Toilet paper, fabric softener, a Mama Burger, you name it. But what do you get when you take the teddy archetype, turn him into the star of the summer’s biggest blockbuster, and cast him in your campaign? One heck […]



Using Social Media to promote your brand’s presence is far from a new concept. After all, we talk about that on The Thread, like, everyday. But amidst the slew of beer companies and energy drink labels popping up on Twitter and Facebook, there are other “brands” that seek So-Me representation. It’s important to remember the […]

Debate: Violence in Advertising

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Last week, a Portuguese events site released a TV spot that is creating quite a stir. Let’s start with a cliche. Set the scene. The ad for ‘VaiBater.com’ shows a man checking this website in bed, using a shiny new iPad. Then, his “sexy” girlfriend, who appears to be feeling rather randy, decides she’s in […]

Sex or Science?

Ursus Beer bares all

It might possibly be the most clichéd concept in the advertising world. The idea that sex sells. We declare it caustically while hovering in the studio, pointing with flaccid finger toward the Photoshop screen, saying “scale up”, and referring to the model’s breasts while doing so. Then, we laugh with the designers. Maybe at the […]

Famous Face = Ad Space


In the hilarious new Bavaria beer commercial, promoting their non-alcoholic product, Charlie Sheen announces his comeback, post-rehab. In this commercial, he expertly pokes fun at his darker days. This commercial is both clever and super charming. In fact, it kind of makes you forget why you ever hated this #winning loser in the first place. […]