Make Way for Mobile Marketing


It is estimated that by 2015, 33.6 billion dollars will be spent on mobile ads, nearly 4x the $8.4 billion invested in 2012. To be clear, this is money invested in mobile display ads, NOT mobile apps. Harvard Business Review research says that mobile display ads can positively impact utilitarian and “high involvement” products by providing […]

And the word of the year is…

SELFIE. Yup, The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has announced ‘Selfie’ as the international word of the year, surpassing its fierce  competitor: Twerk. Selfie —used to describe a ‘self portrait’ taken with one’s camera (old school) or smartphone — has experienced a whopping 17, 000% increase in use over the last year. The term  first surfaced […]

Field Notes: Red Blooded for Valentines Day


Sometimes, when you’ve got something important to say, it’s much easier to put it in writing. Things like “I quit,” or “I’m sorry,” or “you are not the father.” And, of course, saying something like “I love you” is no exception either. Maybe you haven’t said it before, or haven’t said it enough, or said […]