History of the #Hashtag

The History of the Hashtag via @communityagency

Hashtags AKA #, is a form of metadata tag frequently used in microblogging and social networks.  The origin of hashtags is associated with their use in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) networks in which their purpose was to label groups and topics. The mainstream knowledge and use of the hashtag grew synonymously with that of Twitter, as […]

What Brands Can Learn From Humans


A wise man once told me that if humans communicated with each other in real life, the way brands do with us online, we would have no friends. We’d all be yelling at each other “Hey! I’m awesome! Hey did you know I’m amazing? Hey PS check out what I own, check out what I […]

Top 10 Free Photo Editing Apps to Amplify your Content Online

Smartphone,Mobile photo editing apps

Visuals are everything in social media. Whether you are a marketer, brand, agency, or regular old human being, creating or curating content on your social platforms is a mandate. Today’s short attention span audiences demand visual content, a statement supported by the surge in Infographic popularity and the high usage rates of visual social networking […]

Embedding Instagram Photos and Videos Hits the Social Scene

Community Instagram, Embed How To

Bloggers and journalists, rejoice as Instagra­­­m now l­e­­­t’s users embed images AND videos! In a push for proper accreditation, Instagram has introduced Web Embeds, which allows viewers of content to embed an Instagram image or video into their blog or website which ensures that a proper link back to the original creator’s Instagram account, citing […]

4th Annual Social Media Day

4th Annual Social Media Day By Mashable

On June 30th, Mashable is celebrating the 4th year of their annual Social Media Day, an industry recognized event, self described as “a global celebration of the technological advancements that enable everyone to connect with real-time information, communicate from miles apart and have their voices be heard.” Individuals who volunteer to organize and host their […]