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Twitter & TV: The Perfect Pair for Advertisers

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This month, Twitter’s Head of Research, Anjali Midha (@amidha), published a report on the two T’s: Twitter and TV. The second screen experience has been largely fueled by the social  network which prides itself on real time posting. Twitter determined multiple key social TV insights for advertisers from studying over 500 TV ads, assessing 63,000+ comments (tweets), […]

The Future of Internet is TV

conan multi screen

Some of my co-workers don’t agree with me on this but after being part of the Internet for almost a decade, attending countless conferences, and working in TV, I believe it to be true.  Years ago, I thought the Internet was the future of TV but as social TV develops and grows, I believe your TV is the future […]

Hallelujah For Humour


We all remember the Old Spice guy, A.K.A. ex NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa, A.K.A. the man your man could smell like. That ad debuted almost three years ago, and Old Spice has since owned the humorous side of hygiene, but oddly enough, they never once made a joke about smelling bad. More often than […]

The NYer’s Viral Video


Listen up, hipsters. I don’t want to gentrify your whole vibe or anything, but your favorite publication has gone digital. If you’re a fan of The New Yorker, one of the world’s most influential publications, well, let’s just say there’s now an app for that. Stick that in your corn-cob pipe and pretend to inhale […]